Botany Websites

Botanical Online
A great resource for botanical content, with photos, educational information about botany, medicinal and poisonous plants, and gardening. Available in English and Spanish.

Botanica Slovenica
Information on the botany of Slovenia.

BBC Nature Online - Plant Zone
Includes wildlife videos, games, and competitions.

Careers in Botany
Online version of the brochure ""careers in botany"" distributed by the Botanical Society of America (BSA).

American Journal of Botany
Produced in conjunction with Stanford University's HighWire Press, which also works with other medical/research journals, such as Science Magazine, the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Botanical Dictionary and Plant Dictionary
Courtesy of, offering reference to diverse information concerning botany. Botany
A page of links and articles.

BioScience Research Tool: Botany
Specialized directory of online tools and resources selected for Botanists, Plant Physiologists, and Plant Molecular Geneticists.

Botanical Society of America
To promote botany, the field of basic science dealing with the study and inquiry into the form, function, diversity, reproduction, evolution, and uses of plants and their interactions within the biosphere.

David Webb Course Homepage
Website ran by an Assistant Professor of Botany - Dr. David T. Webb . Contains a lot of original anatomical and morphological images and also some tutorials for commonly used software programs. However, these deal with basic operations.

Missouri Botanical Garden Library
One of the world's finest botanical libraries. Of special interest are the online rare books.

Encyclopedia of plants is a browsable encyclopedia of about 90,000 plants and you can browse plants it by name or you can search for any specific plant name.

The Gymnosperm Database
This is a website dedicated to all the families of the gymnosperms. Include a great deal of information down to the species level for most existing species also includes synonyms for species constantly being rearrange, great resource for those interesting
Gardening wiki and plant encyclopedia. Thousands of articles about plants, gardening topics and photos. Profile pages and forums for users as well.

Botany News
Botany News, covering diverse categories of plant biology, conservation, environmental education, ecology, expeditions, nature, and many more. This botanical newsletter delivers monthly good quality information on botany.