Unlike other mammals, newborn dolphins and orcas stay active 24/7 during first months of development

If you thought the sleep-deprived months with your newborn were tough, pity the poor mother dolphin or killer whale.

Video cameras reveal seals, whales, and other marine mammals take a laid-back approach to deep diving

For years scientists have puzzled over the ability of dolphins, seals, and other marine mammals to perform long, deep dives that seem to exceed their aerobic capacities.

Elephants In Space

Scientists with the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have recently been counting their zoo animals from a lofty perch

Hibernating Bears Conserve More Muscle Strength Than Humans On Bed Rest Do

A new study in the journal Physiological and Biochemical Zoology quantifiably measures the loss of strength and endurance in black bears during long periods of hibernation.

Elephants and Human Color-Blind Deuteranopes Have Identical Sets of Visual Pigments

Study shows that elephants seem to have the dichromatic color vision of deuteranopes during the day. During the night they are likely to use RH1 and SWS1 pigments and detect light at 420–490 nm.

Dogs Keep Dying: Many Owners Unaware Of Toxic Dog Food

Even though Diamond, Country Value and Professional brand dog foods have been recalled for containing highly toxic aflatoxins, they have caused at least 100 dog deaths in recent weeks...

Why A Whale Shark's Spots Could Help Save Its Skin

Computer software developed by astrophysicists to locate stars and galaxies in the night sky could help save the whale shark - whose spotted skin is like a starry sky - from extinction.