Multi-modal Orientation Cues in Homing Pigeons

How homing pigeons displaced into unfamiliar territory find their way home has been the subject of extensive experimentation and debate...

Physiological Causes and Consequences of Social Status in Salmonid Fish

Social interactions in small groups of juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) lead to the formation of dominance hierarchies.

How Many Footsteps Do Dogs Need to Determine the Direction of an Odour Trail?

This study examined how much olfactory information from this trail is required by dogs to determine direction.

Even Fish Don't Swim Well When They're Young

Fish larvae are pretty feeble when it comes to an efficient mode of swimming called 'burst-and-coast'...

Monkeys Show Sophisticated Learning Abilities

Psychologists have found evidence that monkeys have sophisticated abilities to acquire and apply knowledge using some of the same strategies as do humans

Physical Intelligence In Rooks

Rooks have the capacity to apply more sophisticated cognition to solving physical tasks based on recent findings.

Waddling Is A Good Way To Make Up For Short Legs - At Least For Penguins, Say UC Berkeley Researchers

Researchers found that waddling actually helps penguins conserve energy.

Diet, Exercise, Stimulating Environment Helps Old Dogs Learn

A new study of beagles finds that regular physical activity, mental stimulation, and a diet rich in antioxidants can help keep aging canineand perhaps humanbrains in tip-top shape.