Gorillas in our Midst - what it means

Have you tried gorilla on a basketball court perception test? Do you know what it implicates? Find out in this article, "Gorillas in our Midst".

Monkeys And Humans Use Parallel Mechanism To Recognize Faces

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time rhesus monkeys and humans share a specific perceptual mechanism, configural perception, for discriminating among the numerous faces they encounter daily.

New Light On Nature Of Broca's Area: Rare Procedure Documents How Human Brain Computes Language

A study by researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine reports a significant breakthrough in explaining gaps in scientists' understanding of human brain function.

Human-Like Altruism Shown In Chimpanzees

Experimental evidence reveals that chimpanzees will help other unrelated humans and conspecifics without a reward, showing that they share crucial aspects of altruism with humans.

Orphan Chimpanzees Cleverer Than Humans, Study Finds

Orphaned chimpanzee infants given special ‘mothering’ by humans are more advanced than the average child at nine months of age.

Pregnant Women With Bulimia Have More Anxiety And Depression, Study Finds

Women who have bulimia in pregnancy have more symptoms of anxiety and depression compared to pregnant women without eating disorders.

New Eating Disorder Identified

A University of Iowa professor is making a case for a new eating disorder she calls purging disorder.

Brain Circuit Abnormalities May Underlie Bulimia Nervosa In Women

Women with bulimia nervosa appear to respond more impulsively during psychological testing than those without eating disorders

Lizards Pull A Wheelie

Why bother running on hind legs when the four you've been given work perfectly well?

Lizards Bask In The Sun For A Vitamin D Boost

Keeping warm isn't the only reason lizards and other cold-blooded critters bask in the sun.

Yerkes-based Experiment Confirms Cultural Transmission And Conformity In Chimpanzee Communities

Humans are not alone in their desire to conform to cultural norms, according to new study findings that confirm, for the first time, chimpanzees share the same conformist tendencies.

Primate Culture Is Just A Stone's Throw Away From Human Evolution, Study Finds

For 30 years, scientists have been studying stone-handling behavior in several troops of Japanese macaques to catch a unique glimpse of primate culture.

Fruit Fly Aggression Studies Have Relevance To Humans, Animals

Even the tiny, mild-mannered fruit fly can be a little mean sometimes – especially when there’s a choice bit of rotten fruit to fight over.

Similar Brain Chemicals Influence Aggression In Fruit Flies And Humans

Serotonin is a major signaling chemical in the brain, and it has long been thought to be involved in aggressive behavior in a wide variety of animals as well as in humans.

'Cross' Breeding: What Makes An Angry Fly?

A suite of genes that affect aggression in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster has been identified.

Baroque Classical Music in the Reading Room May Improve Mood and Productivity

Baroque classical music in the reading room can help improve radiologists work lives, potentially improving diagnostic efficiency and accuracy

Depression: an overview

A brief essay on depression

The past and future of behavior analysis in developmental disabilities: When good news is bad and bad news is good

This article provides a brief historical overview that outlines the temporal contiguity of developments in both behavior analysis and developmental disabilities, illustrating how each has contributed to the other.

Initiating An Affair: Human Geography And Behavior Analysis

Geographers study physical environments, human behavior that changes physical environments, and resulting regionally distinct landscapes.

Personality, Personality “Theory” And Dissociative Identity Disorder: What Behavior Analysis Can Contribute And Clarify

Behavior analytic accounts of Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, are rarely presented in depth.