'Cellular antennae' on algae give clues to how human cells receive signals

By studying microscopic hairs called cilia on algae, researchers have found that an internal structure that helps build cilia is also responsible for a cell's response to external signals.

Researcher turns brown algae phylogeny upside down

According to fellow phycologists, an algae expert has turned brown algae phylogeny completely upside down.

Ontario researchers see increase in taste and odour-causing algae problems

Ninety per cent of the lakes surveyed in a study of Ontario's "cottage country" north of Toronto have seen a significant rise in taste and odour-causing algae...

Breakthrough Research On Ocean Algae Could Lead To Freeze- And Drought- Resistant Crops

"The missing link" has been found in how tiny ocean algae produce a chemical substance that influences cloud formation in the atmosphere.

Destructive Algae Overtaking Mediterranean Waters

An unusually aggressive, novel species of algae is carpeting the Mediterranean seafloor in an invasion that has crossed the borders of five countries in just a decade

The secret life of algae

A fundamental process that has puzzled researchers for many years has been explained by UK scientists.