Paleontologists Study A Remarkably Well-preserved Baby Siberian Mammoth

University of Michigan paleontologist returned from Siberia where he spent a week as part of a six-member international team that examined the frozen, nearly intact remains of a 4-month-old female woolly mammoth.

Feeding Habits Of Flying Reptiles Uncovered

Scientists at the University of Sheffield, collaborating with colleagues at the Universities of Portsmouth and Reading, have taken a step back in time and provided a new insight into the lifestyle of a prehistoric flying reptile.

Fossil Fish Jaws Give Information On Our Own Remote Ancestors

When we lose our milk teeth they are replaced by new permanent teeth growing out in exactly the same positions.

'Killer kangaroo' evidence found

Palaeontologists digging in northern Australia have found fossil evidence of several new species - including a "killer kangaroo".

Newfound Ancient Beast Dubbed Godzilla

A newfound ancient sea creature looks to be part crocodile, part T. rex, and 100 percent terrifying.

'Fossil' rock rat pictured alive

Images have been obtained of a live Laotian rock rat, the animal science now believes to be the sole survivor of an ancient group of rodents.

Geologists Find First Clue To Tyrannosaurus Rex Gender In Bone Tissue

Paleontologists say that T. rex fossil from Montana is that of a young female. The proof they say is in the bones.

Dinosaur Fossils Predict Body Temperatures

The study suggests that dinosaurs were reptiles that exhibited inertial hmomeothermy based on the results.

Dinosaurs In Bullet-proof Vests

Their armour was perfect; even their eyelids consisted of plates of bone. What are known as ankylosauruses are among the best armoured animals known to us

"Mummified" Dinosaur Discovered In Montana

Leonardo, a mummified, 77-million-year-old duck-billed dinosaur was only about three or four years old when he died, but he's proving to be a bonanza for paleontologists today.

Long-Necked Sea Reptiles Had Unexpected Diet, Fossils Show

The fossilized last meals of two giant marine reptiles show the ancient animals used their long necks to trawl for clams, snails, and crabs along the seabed, according to a new study.

Dwarf Dinosaurs Discovered in Germany

Compared to other sauropods—long-necked, small-headed, plant-eaters—a newfound dinosaur species is downright tiny.

Unexpected Finding: Some Dinosaurs Grew Slower In Hard Times

Paleontologists found that a dinosaur which they have examined was apparently able to vary the speed of its growth according the conditions obtaining in its environment.

Dino-Size Spurt: T. Rex Teens Gained 5 Pounds a Day

Teenagers are known for rapid growth spurts, but some 65 million years ago juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs may have outstripped them all.

For Tyrannosaurs, Teen Years Were Murder

If they survived the deadly toddler years, tyrannosaurs apparently had it pretty cushy, at least until they hit dinosaur puberty.

Even T. rex struggled with midlife crisis

Fossil analysis shows many died in teens, just as they hit sexual prime

Dinosaur Fossil Found in Mammal's Stomach

In China, scientists have identified the fossilized remains of a tiny dinosaur in the stomach of a mammal.

A Brief History of Dinosaurs

Most people think of dinosaurs as big, ferocious and extinct reptiles. That's largely true, but there are some misconceptions.

Big dinosaurs 'had warmer blood'

The bigger a dinosaur was, the warmer its blood, a study of the big beasts' fossil remains suggests.

The Biggest Carnivore: Dinosaur History Rewritten

The Age of Dinosaurs ended millions of years ago but paleontologists are still attempting to get a handle on the immense diversity and diverse immensity of these creatures.