MIT Researcher Explains Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Always Stick

Evidence in the brain was found for why it's so hard to make and break habits.

Where The Brain Organizes Actions

Researchers have discovered that Broca's area in the brain, best known as the region that evolved to manage speech production, is a major "executive" center in the brain for organizing hierarchies of behaviors.

Erotic Images Elicit Strong Response From Brain

A new study suggests the brain is quickly turned on and "tuned in" when a person views erotic images.

Brain Region Linked To Fly Slumber

Researchers have pinpointed a brain area in flies that is crucial to sleep, raising interesting speculation over the purpose of sleep and its possible link with learning and memory

Researcher Show How False Memories Are Formed

False memories are the controversial subject of hotly contested arguments about the validity of repressed memories that can surface years after a traumatic event and about the credibility of eyewitness accounts in criminal trials.

How memories build during sleep

Evidence is growing that the brain uses sleep time to consolidate memories acquired during the day.

Memories Light Up The Corners Of Our Minds

Memories do indeed light up the corners of our mind, just as the songwriter said. Evidence for this notion comes from studies using magnetic resonance imaging to examine the living human brain.

New Research Promising For Improving Brain Cell Survival After Brain Injury

Scientists have found a protein in the brain that can save neurons from dying after experiencing traumatic brain injury from incidents such as stroke, car accidents and falls.

Musical Training During Childhood May Influence Regional Brain Growth

Research has revealed significant differences in the gray matter distribution between professional musicians trained at an early age and non-musicians...

Practice Builds Brain Connections For Babies Learning Language, How To Speak

Measuring the magnetic field generated by the activation of neurons in the brain, researchers tracked a link between the listening and speaking areas of the brain in newborn, 6-month-old and one-year-old infants, before infants can speak.

Nervous System

Nervous System