A World Ruled By Fungi

The catastrophe that extinguished the dinosaurs and other animal species, 65 million years ago also brought dramatic changes to the vegetation.

Biological Program Prevents Development Of Pathogenic Form Of Fungi

Scientists have made a discovery that may help us win the biomedical war against fungal pathogens.

Discovery About Evolution Of Fungi Has Implications For Humans

Their discovery is the latest installment in an international effort to learn the origins of species.

Picky Plants: Do They "Choose" The Best Fungal Partner?

The ability to actively select one option over another may no longer be reserved for higher animals; in fact, plants may make choices too.

Symbiotic Fungus Does Not Depend On Fungus-farming Ants For Reproduction, Researchers Say

Fungus-farming ants around the world cultivate essentially the same fungus and are not as critical to the reproduction of the fungi as previously believed

Knowledge Of Nitrogen Transfer Between Plants And Beneficial Fungi Expands

New findings show that a beneficial soil fungus plays a large role in nitrogen uptake and utilization in most plants.

Learning More About Beneficial Soil Fungi

Beneficial soil fungi that help plants grow could become easier for farmers to use, based on research.

Important Pathogens And Cures Belong To Little-Known Group Of Fungi; Research Points Way To Discovering Other Agents

Researchers studying medicinal, pharmacological, antibiotic, carcinogenic and food-production agents would do well to look at an often-overlooked group of fungi that once had -- but then lost -- the ability to form lichen symbioses.

Researchers Barcode DNA Of Venice Museum's Vast Fungi Collection

The team is collecting samples from the largest and best preserved ollection of fungi in Italy to create an unprecedented DNA database.