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Articles in Molecular Biology, the branch of science devoted to studies of the structure, function, and reactions of biomolecules involved in the life processes. It is chiefly concerned with the understanding the interrelationship of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis and learning how these interactions are regulated.

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Beyond genes: Mapping the “brave new world” of the epigenome

15 Oct 2009

Rating: 3.27

With the human genome in hand, scientists are trying to fill the pages of an anthology of closely related volumes that explain how simple chemical modifications to DNA and its packaging proteins turn genes on and off in ways that impact human health.

Insights Into Adaptive Ability Of Cells May Help Explain How Cancer Eludes Body's Natural Defense

25 Aug 2009

Rating: 2.80

The Stowers Institute's Rong Li Lab has published findings that shed light on the ability of cells to adapt to disruptions to their basic division machineries...

How Complex Movements Of Enzymes Make Fat

25 Aug 2009

Rating: 3.00

A groundbreaking study has revealed in great detail how enzymes in the cell cooperate to make fat. These enzymes are integrated into a single molecular complex known as fatty acid synthase.

First 3-D Images Obtained Of Core Component Of Molecular Machinery Used For Cell Reproduction

25 Aug 2009

Rating: 4.50

For the first time, structural biologists have managed to obtain the detailed three-dimensional structure of one of the proteins that form the core of the complex molecular machine, called the replisome...

Misfolded Proteins: The Fundamental Problem Is Aging

25 Aug 2009

Rating: 4.50

Proteins are essential for all biological activities and the health of the cell.

Slowing Aging: Anti-aging Pathway Enhances Cell Stress Response

25 Aug 2009

Rating: 4.00

People everywhere are feeling the stress of a worldwide recession.

Novel Approach In Molecular Differentiation Of Prion Strains

25 Aug 2009

Rating: 2.00

A team from the French Food Safety Agency, Lyon, France, has identified a prion protein characteristic that is unique to some natural but unusual sheep scrapie cases.

CSH Protocols publishes cutting-edge methods for analyzing complex molecular interactions

25 Aug 2009

Rating: 4.00

With the genomes of hundreds of organisms now catalogued, one of the next major challenges is to identify proteins and their interactions.

New tests: Marijuana damages DNA and may cause cancer

17 Jun 2009

Rating: 3.80

Using a highly sensitive new test, scientists in Europe are reporting “convincing evidence” that marijuana smoke damages the genetic material DNA in ways that could increase the risk of cancer.

Handling Synthetic Peptides

8 Apr 2009

Rating: 3.50

Answers about how to store and handle synthesized peptides and how to dissolve peptides.

Advance in the battle against “gray mold”

12 Jan 2009

Rating: 4.17

Scientists are reporting identification of the cluster of genes responsible for the toxins produced by “gray mold,” a devastating plant disease that kills almost 200 different food and ornamental plants including tomatoes, strawberries and roses.

Tiny DNA tweezers can catch and release objects on-demand

11 Nov 2008

Rating: 2.00

Researchers in China are reporting development of a new DNA “tweezers” that are the first of their kind capable of grasping and releasing objects on-demand.

Growth factor stimulates rapid extension of key motor neurons in brain

3 Mar 2008

Rating: 4.50

MGH study first to identify factors controlling growth of brain cells damaged in ALS

Uncovering the molecular basis of obesity

29 Feb 2008

Rating: 4.00

Why does the same diet make some of us gain more weight than others? The answer could be a molecule called Bsx

UC Santa Barbara scientists clarify molecular basis of interferon action

29 Feb 2008

Rating: 4.67

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara have made a significant discovery relating to viral infections in humans.

Children's Hospital researchers identify molecular 'switch' that could save very young lives

29 Feb 2008

Rating: 5.00

A team of researchers identified a molecular "switch" that, when blocked, may help reverse necrotizing enterocolitis

Assembling the jigsaw puzzle of drug addiction

28 Feb 2008

Rating: 3.00

Using an integrative meta-analysis approach, researchers have assembled the most comprehensive gene atlas underlying drug addiction and identified five molecular pathways common to four different addictive drugs

Food peptides activate bitter taste receptors

28 Feb 2008

Rating: 4.00

Researchers have used a novel molecular method to identify chemical compounds from common foods that activate human bitter taste receptors.

Structure of protein collagen seen at unprecedented level of detail

28 Feb 2008

Rating: 1.80

The structure and behavior of one of the most common proteins in our bodies has been resolved at a level of detail never before seen


24 Feb 2008

Rating: 3.78

Aminoglycosides are a group of antibiotics that are effective against certain types of bacteria