History of cannabis as a medicine: a review

The article discussed the history of therapeutic use of Cannabis

Einstein Researchers Develop Blood Substitute That Shows Promise For Use In Emergency Situations

An artificial blood product developed by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is showing great promise in ongoing clinical trials in Stockholm, Sweden - the first time that a blood substitute has ever been used successfully in humans.

Assessing the impact of prescribed medicines on health outcomes

This paper reviews methods that can be used to assess the impact of medicine use on population health outcomes.

Penn researchers use the abdomen to deliver oxygen to assist ailing lungs

Novel technique, based on an animal model, could buy needed time to heal damaged lungs and save lives

Ultrasound May Help Regrow Teeth

Researchers has created technology to regrow teeth - the first time scientists have been able to reform human dental tissue...

Patient expectations for placebo treatments commonly used in osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) clinical trials: a pilot study

This study aimed to determine expectations of 3 treatments (HVLA, placebo light touch, placebo sub-therapeutic ultrasound) commonly used in OMT clinical research trials.

New Study Reveals Promising Osteoporosis Treatment

A New York University College of Dentistry professor has developed a calcium phosphate-based supplement that -- even at low concentrations -- significantly improves bone strength and thickness without the side effects of many current drug treatments.

Potential new drug for cocaine addiction and overdose

Chemists are reporting development of what they term the most powerful substance ever discovered for eliminating cocaine from the body

New Vaginal Microbicide For Herpes And HIV To Be Tested

A team of researchers at UCSF is seeking young women to participate in the first U.S. study of the safety of a new a vaginal gel designed to prevent herpes and HIV infection.

Latest advances in antiaging medicine

Rapid progress is being made in our ability to modify the aging process

Core Needle Breast Biopsy Safe for Patients Taking Blood Thinners

Core needle biopsies are offered as an alternative to surgical biopsy when a tissue sample of an irregular area in the breast is found by mammogram or sonogram.

Flu shot does not reduce risk of death

The widely-held perception that the influenza vaccination reduces overall mortality risk in the elderly does not withstand careful scrutiny.

Eye Doctor Says Laser Surgery Safer Than Contacts

Traditional assumptions have held that contact lenses are safer than laser surgery to correct vision problems.

Toward a urine test for diagnosing heart disease

Researchers in Australia are reporting an advance toward the first urine test for diagnosing coronary artery disease (CAD)

3D CT Scans Lead to More Successful Treatment of Varicose Veins in the Lower Extremities

3D CT scans provide a more comprehensive view of complex varicose veins (one of the most common diseases in the world) in the lower extremities

Advance toward first saliva test for Type 2 diabetes

Scientists in Oregon and India are reporting an advance toward developing the first saliva test to diagnose and monitor effectiveness of treatment for Type 2 diabetes.

Strategies to Control TB Outdated, Inadequate

The standard regimens to treat tuberculosis (TB) are inadequate in countries with high rates of multi-drug resistant (MDR)

Gene Therapy Converts Dead Bone Graft To New, Living Tissue

Researchers have created a way to transform the dead bone of a transplanted skeletal graft into living tissue in an experiment involving mice.

Surgical Removal of Small Colon Polyps is Costly and Unnecessary

Polypectomy (the surgical removal of polyps by colonoscopy) of small polyps found during CT colonography is costly and unnecessary according to a study

???Gene silencing??? may improve treatment of a deadly complication of liver disease

A technique that ???silences,??? or turns off, genes shows promise as a potential new treatment for liver fibrosis ??? the disease that leads to cirrhosis ??? scientists in Tennessee are reporting.