MRI Can Eliminate Unnecessary Surgery for Children with Suspected Musculoskeletal Infections

Pre-treatment MRI can eliminate unnecessary diagnostic or surgical procedures for children with suspected musculoskeletal infections

Cone-Beam CT: Just as Useful as MDCT Before and After Percutaneous Vertebroplasty

Cone-beam CT which is believed to deliver less radiation than MDCT is just as useful when evaluating patients before and after percutaneous vertebroplasty ...

New Model Developed to Estimate Radiation Skin Doses during CT Guided Interventional Procedures

New Model Developed to Estimate Radiation Skin Doses during CT Guided Interventional Procedures

High intensity light reduces facial wrinkles

Researchers in Germany are describing a potential alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery for easing facial wrinkles.

CT Scans Change Treatment Plans in More Than a Quarter of ER Patients with Suspected Appendicitis

CT scans change the initial treatment plans of emergency physicians in over ¼ of patients with suspected appendicitis

Daytime light exposure dynamically enhances brain responses

Exposure to light is known to enhance both alertness and performance in humans, but little is understood regarding the neurological basis for these effects

Reflection makes Skin Cancer Diagnosis easier

A new way of detecting skin cancers using light reflected from pigmented skin lesions is described

Lighting up the human brain at night

Most people are aware that light affects human behaviour and can be used to treat disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder

Bright light therapy eases bipolar depression for some

Bright light therapy can ease bipolar depression in some patients

Scientists using laser light to detect potential diseases via breath samples, says new study

By blasting a person's breath with laser light, scientists have shown that they can detect molecules that may be markers for diseases like asthma or cancer.

Laser light may be able to detect diseases on the breath

New technique could help doctors screen for asthma and cancer

Research could lead to new treatments for blindness

Scientists have discovered how to make cells sensitive to light in what may lead to a new approach to treating certain forms of blindness.

Efficacy of low level laser therapy on neurosensory recovery after injury to the inferior alveolar nerve

This paper reports the effects of low level laser therapy in 4 patients with longstanding sensory nerve impairment following mandibular third molar surgery.

Photodynamic therapy and tumor imaging of hypericin-treated squamous cell carcinoma

In this preclinical study, hypericin was tested for 514–593 nm dye laser PDT of human SCC cells in vitro and for KTP532 surgical laser targeting of SCC tumors in mice.

Photochemistry and photobiology of actinic erythema: defensive and reparative cutaneous mechanisms

A review of the basic aspects of the action of UVR on the skin

Exposure to sunlight could reduce asthma

Perth medical research team sheds new light on chronic health condition

Firefly Light Helps Destroy Cancer Cells

Could the gentle firefly turn out to be a potent weapon against cancer?

Light activated anticancer drug targeted to DNA using cisplatin like sub-units

One of the most effective chemotherapy drugs against cancer is cisplatin because it attaches to cancer DNA and disrupts repair.

Reflection makes Skin Cancer Diagnosis easier

Scientists from the Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust studied the spectra of light reflected from skin lesions.

Oregano Oil May Protect Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria, Georgetown Researcher Finds

Oil from the common herb oregano may be an effective treatment against dangerous, and sometimes drug-resistant bacteria, a Georgetown researcher has found.