All Fats Are Not Created Equal: Some Fats May Protect The Heart

Limiting the amount of saturated fat in your diet is a good idea. Now the American Heart Association is recommending that you replace some of that saturated fat with monounsaturated or polyunsatured fat.

Will a Banana a Day Keep a Stroke Away?

People with a low amount of potassium in their diet may have an increased risk of stroke, according to a study.

Drinking Wine Or Beer Has Same Result: Higher Blood Pressure

Whether the drink of choice is a frosty beer or a full-bodied red wine, the effect is the same – higher blood pressure, according to research

Drinking Wine, Particularly White Wine, May Help Keep Lungs Healthy, University At Buffalo Study Finds

Drinking wine appears to be good for the lungs, study has shown, and in this case, the primary credit goes to white wine rather than red.

Wine Drinkers Have Healthier Diets Than Beer Drinkers

People who buy wine also buy healthier food and therefore have healthier diets than people who buy beer, study finds.

Purdue Research Shows Added Calcium Benefits Women On The Pill

Women who take oral contraceptives can counteract bone loss by making sure they have enough calcium in their daily diet, especially early in life, according to Purdue University research.

Soft Drinks Not Linked To Decreased Calcium Intake

A new study found that calcium intake among U.S. adolescents although inadequate, has remained a constant since the 1970s and does not appear to be linked to soft drink consumption.

High Doses Of Vitamin E Supplements Do More Harm Than Good

Daily vitamin E doses of 400 international units (IU) or more can increase the risk of death and should be avoided, researchers reported.

High polyunsaturated fat and vitamin E intake may halve motor neurone disease risk

A high dietary intake of polyunsaturated fat and vitamin E seems to halve the risk of developing motor neurone disease, research suggests.

Folates more effective in limiting Alzheimer's disease risk than antioxidants, other nutrients

Adults who eat the daily recommended allowance of folates significantly reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, according to a study.

University of Florida Study Suggests Schools Boost Empty Calories to Raise Test Scores

Faced with ever-increasing pressure to boost state-mandated test scores, some school districts have sought an advantage by pumping up their pupils with extra calories from junk food, study suggests.

Microwave pre-cooking of French fries reduces cancer chemicals

Microwaving your French fries before you fry them reduces the levels of a cancer-causing substance...

Leafy Green Vegetables May Help Keep Brains Sharp Through Aging

According to a recent report, folate, a B vitamin found in foods like leafy green vegetables and citrus fruit, may protect against cognitive decline in older adults.

Accelerated Growth following Poor Early Nutrition Impairs Later Learning

Recent evidences indicate the conditions an organism experiences early in life can have critical impacts on its subsequent health and well being, both over the short and long term.

New study reveals components of cocoa may enhance the appearance of the skin

Consumption of high-flavanol cocoa improves skin structure and function