Co-evolution of genomes and plasmids within Chlamydia trachomatis and the emergence in Sweden of a new variant strain

Comparative analysis of the plasmid sequences has revealed the most conserved regions that should be used to design future plasmid based nucleic acid amplification tests, to avoid diagnostic failures.

A Flood of Microbial Genomes–Do We Need More?

Complete genome sequences of important bacterial pathogens and industrial organisms hold significant consequences and opportunities for human health, industry and the environment.

Genetical genomics: use all data

Genetical genomics is a very powerful tool to elucidate the basis of complex traits and disease susceptibility.

Cancer Genomics Browser Gives Cancer Researchers A Powerful New Tool

A Cancer Genomics Browser developed by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, provides a new way to visualize and analyze data from studies aimed at improving cancer treatment by unraveling the complex genetic roots of the disease.

Next Generation Tool For Visualizing Genomic Data Introduced

Researchers are collecting vast amounts of diverse genomic data with ever-increasing speed, but effective ways to visualize these data in an integrated manner have lagged behind the ability to generate them.

Preparing For Climate Change: Analyzing Genome Of Heat And Drought Resistant Cereal Plant

The global climate is changing, and this change is already impacting food supply and security.

Trichoplax Genome Sequenced: 'Rosetta Stone' For Understanding Evolution

Yale molecular and evolutionary biologists in collaboration with Department of Energy scientists produced the full genome sequence of Trichoplax, one of nature's most primitive multicellular organisms...

Computation And Genomics Data Drive Bacterial Research Into New Golden Age

A potent combination of powerful new analysis methods and abundant data from genomics projects is carrying microbiology forward into a new era.

Soy Scientists To Fill 'Library' With Genetic Bookmarks

Soybean varieties with improved yield, pest resistance, protein and oil quality and quantity and other traits are among the benefits expected of a new project...

Soybean Genome Sequenced

The U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (DOE JGI) has released a complete draft assembly of the soybean (Glycine max) genetic code...

Cold Spring Harbor Scientists Devise Novel, Low-Cost Method of Sifting Genome's High-Value Regions

Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have developed a new means of extracting and interpreting data from the human genome that is more powerful and more economical

University of Toronto scientists map entire yeast genome

University of Toronto scientists have devised a tool to help understand and predict the state of a cell by successfully mapping all 70,000 nucleosomes in yeast.

Duke scientists map imprinted genes in human genome

Scientists at Duke University have created the first map of imprinted genes throughout the human genome

UA researchers find smallest cellular genome

The smallest collection of genes ever found for a cellular organism comes from tiny symbiotic bacteria that live inside special cells inside a small insect.

Towards a comprehensive structural coverage of completed genomes: a structural genomics viewpoint

This work suggests that such a combined approach to target selection is essential if structural genomics is to achieve a comprehensive structural coverage of the genomes.

Canine Genomics and Genetics: Running with the Pack

In this review, the authors discussed the advances in mapping and sequencing that accelerated the field in recent years.

Genomic analysis uncovers new targets for HIV vaccine

An international team of researchers has identified three gene variants in the DNA of 486 people infected with HIV that appear to have helped some of the patients fight off the virus and delay the onset of full-blown AIDS

Ticks, flukes, and genomics: Emerging pathogens revealed

Scientists put ehrlichiosis under the genomic spotlight-and discover some brilliant biology.

Genome-wide search unearths surprising clues for diabetes and triglycerides

Scientists definitively link novel regions of human genome to type 2 diabetes and triglyceride levels; work made possible by recent advances in genomic information and methods

Secrets revealed in sequencing of honey bee genome

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, along with scientists at other institutions, have already begun probing the honey bee genome for its many secrets.