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Articles on Behavioral Genetics include topics on the role of genetics on animal behavior, as well as, the effects of human disorders and their causes

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Hair-pulling disorder caused by faulty gene in some families

23 Jul 2007

Rating: 4.00

Scientists at Duke University Medical Center have identified gene mutations that cause trichotillomania, a psychiatric disorder that triggers people to compulsively pull their hair

Severe mental retardation gene mutation identified

23 Jul 2007

Rating: 5.50

Genes related to other retardation syndromes are expected to be found

Genetic roots of bipolar disorder revealed by first genome-wide study of illness

23 Jul 2007

Rating: 6.00

Targeting enzyme produced by a specific gene may lead to better medications

With Fruit Fly Sex, Researchers Find Mind-body Connection

13 Dec 2006

Rating: 9.00

The finding, made by Brown University biologists, debunks the notion that sexual mind and sexual body are built by separate sets of genes.

Heredity May Be The Reason Some People Feel Lonely

18 Oct 2006

Rating: 5.83

Heredity helps determine why some adults are persistently lonely, research shows.

Alcohol Researchers Relate a Genetic Factor to Anxiety in Women

7 Jul 2006

Rating: 3.17

Researchers have identified a genetic factor that appears to influence anxiety in women.

Holiday Eating Is An Inherited Trait, Says GSU Psychologist

7 Jul 2006

Rating: 9.00

Genes dictate not only the amount of body fat a person has but also how much they want to be in a particular social situation, and how much they eat while they're there, says psychologist.