Genomics (44)

The Genetic Switch for Alcohol Tolerance

The research team from North Carolina University identified an interesting switch for alcohol tolerance.

Genetically Modified Plants "on the loose": a first evidence of GM plants on the wild according to scientists

The first evidence of genetically engineered plants growing in the wild has been found and reported by a team of scientists conducting research in North Dakota.

Looping Genes May Hold A Key To Understanding Breast Cancer

Another piece of the puzzle that is breast cancer has been found by University of Queensland researchers.

Living Longer And Happier

A new study from the University of Missouri may shed light on how to increase the level and quality of activity in the elderly.

New Cancer Gene Discovered

A new cancer gene has been discovered by a research group at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

Endocrinology: Understanding The Genetics Of Congenital Hyperinsulinism

A number of congenital disorders characterized by low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) as a result of excessive secretion of the hormone insulin are collectively known as congenital hyperinsulinism.

'Slimming Gene' Discovered That Regulates Body Fat

Scientists at the University of Bonn have discovered a previously unknown fruit fly gene that controls the metabolism of fat. Larvae in which this gene is defective lose their entire fat reserves.

Columbia Scientists Discover Two Genes That Drive Aggressive Brain Cancers

Discovery Made Using New Systems Biology Method, Which Enabled the Scientists to Pinpoint the Genes from a Mass of Data

DNA repair mechanisms relocate in response to stress

Like doctors making house calls, some DNA repair enzymes can relocate to the part of the cell that needs their help, a collaborative team of scientists at Emory University School of Medicine has found.

New genes present drug targets for managing cholesterol and glucose levels

Scientists have identified 12 new genes that are somewhat strange bedfellows: Some link gallstones and blood cholesterol levels, others link melatonin and sleep patterns to small increases in glucose levels and larger jumps in the risk of diabetes

Gene may 'bypass' disease-linked mitochondrial defects, fly study suggests

By lending them a gene normally reserved for other classes of animals, researchers have shown they can rescue flies from their Parkinson's-like symptoms...

Single nucleotide polymorphisms and forensic genetics, maybe not such a perfect combination

Forensic genetics is the branch of genetics that, through DNA analysis and comparison, deals with the resolution of legal problems such as paternity tests.

How body size is regulated: International study discovers ten new genes related to human growth

Scientists are beginning to unravel the question why people distinctly vary in size.

Right warfarin dose determined by 3 genes

Researchers at Uppsala University, together with colleagues at the Karolinska Institute and the Sanger Institute, have now found all the genes the determine the dosage of the blood-thinning drug warfarin.

Study locates cholesterol genes; finds surprises about good, bad cholesterol

An international study of 20,000 people found seven new genes that influence blood cholesterol levels, a major factor in heart disease, and confirmed 11 other genes previously thought to influence cholesterol.

Incomplete Dominance

A cross showing incomplete dominance.

Mendel's laws: definitions

A good review of the common terms in Genetics

Epigenetic Microenvironment Awakes Genes

The field of epigenetics is an emerging area. It aims to strengthen the genome based therapeutics.

Human Genome Project

An overview, benefits and methodology of HGP

Researchers shed light on genetic factors behind UK's biggest killer

Researchers investigating the biochemical characteristics behind several everyday diseases have discovered a new chromosomal region to be strongly associated with the bad cholesterol