A new wrinkle in evolution -- Man-made proteins

Nature, through the trial and error of evolution, has discovered a vast diversity of life from what can only presumed to have been a primordial pool of building blocks.

A potential general benefit of introns

About 30 years after the discovery of introns, they are found to reach densities of several introns per gene in a variety of eukaryotic lineages. But their benefits are still in debate. Recently, I proposed a new hypothesis on the benefit of introns, avoi

Phase distribution of spliceosomal introns: implications for intron origin

This study strongly support the introns-late hypothesis of the origin of spliceosomal introns.

Battle Of The Bubbles May Have Sparked Evolution

The first survival-of-the-fittest competition was likely a physical duel between fatty bubbles stuffed with genetic material, researchers suggest.