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The adaptive features of the Giant Rat

8 May 2013

Rating: 5.00

The articles a brief discussion on the adaptations that makes the Giant rat fit into its subterranean habitat

Small Water Fleas Help Ecologists Understand Population Dynamics

16 Apr 2010

Rating: 3.34

A study of populations of tiny water fleas is helping ecologists to understand population dynamics, which may lead to predictions about the ecological consequences of environmental change

Are Fires More Important Than Rain For The Savannah Ecosystem?

16 Apr 2010

Rating: 3.74

Natural grass fires are evidently more important for the ecology of savannahs than has previously been assumed.

Learning The Lessons Of The World's Oldest Ecological Experiment

16 Apr 2010

Rating: 3.00

Ecologists are getting ready to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the world's oldest ecological experiment.

Ecological Variation: Ecologists Consider The Causes And Consequences

16 Apr 2010

Rating: 3.30

Consider the case of the three-spine stickleback.

Environmental Manganese Good In Trace Amounts But Can Correlate To Cancer Rates

16 Apr 2010

Rating: 3.50

In the first ecological study of its kind in the world, a researcher has uncovered the unique finding that groundwater and airborne manganese in North Carolina correlates with cancer mortality at the county level.

Potential Ecological Costs and Co-Benefits of REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation)

16 Apr 2010

Rating: 3.00

A new paper just published in Global Change Biology examines the potential of a REDD mechanism to provoke ecological damage and/or promote ecological cobenefits.

Specialists Are Better At Avoiding Predators

16 Apr 2010

Rating: 3.78

Insect herbivore species often specialize on the host plants that they eat, evolving adaptations to use a plant's unique set of resources.

Ecological Speciation by Sexual Selection on Good Genes

15 Apr 2010

Rating: not rated

Darwin suggested that the action of natural selection can produce new species, but 150 years after the publication of his famous book, On the Origin of Species, debate still continues on the mechanisms of speciation.

Evolution Impacts Environment: Fundamental Shift in How Biologists Perceive Relationship Between Evolution and Ecology

15 Apr 2010

Rating: 3.67

Biologists have known for long that ecology, the interaction between organisms and their environment, plays a significant role in forming new species and in modifying living ones.

The Philippine Environmental Condition

17 Oct 2009

Rating: 5.00

The Philippine islands are well known for its rich biodiversity.But it's rich conserve and wonderful environment are in danger disappearing.

Nitrogen uptake in riparian plant communities across a sharp ecological boundary of salmon density

23 Mar 2009

Rating: 3.00

Recent studies of anadromous salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) on the Pacific Coast of North America indicate an important and previously unrecognized role of salmonid nutrients to terrestrial biota.

Hawaiian Plant, Thought To Be Newcomer, Actually Shaped Ecology Of The Islands From The Beginning

23 Mar 2009

Rating: 4.47

Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution have discovered data that suggests one of Hawaii's most dominant plants, Metrosideros, has been a resident of the islands far longer than previously believed.

Movement Ecology: Unifying Theory Of How Plants And Animals Move From One Place To Another

23 Mar 2009

Rating: 3.15

Movement ecology is a developing academic pursuit, combining expertise in a variety of fields, including biology, ecology, botany, environmental science, physics, mathematics, virology and others.

City Ants Take The Heat

23 Mar 2009

Rating: 4.47

While Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, has generated greater awareness of global warming, most people remain unaware of the more rapid warming that has occurred within major cities.

Build Parks To Climate Proof Our Cities

23 Mar 2009

Rating: 4.40

Scientists looking at the effect global warming will have on our major cities say a modest increase in the number of urban parks and street trees could offset decades of predicted temperature rises.

Similarity Of Urban Flora: Plants In Towns And Cities Are More Closely Related Than Those In The Countryside

23 Mar 2009

Rating: 3.00

More plant species grow in German towns and cities than in the countryside, but those in towns and cities are more closely related and are often functionally similar.

Ecological Impact Of African Cities

23 Mar 2009

Rating: 3.43

African cities are growing faster than anywhere else in the world.

Antarctic icebergs: unlikely oases for ocean life

23 Mar 2009

Rating: 3.83

Icebergs have long gripped the popular imagination, whether as relatively run-of-the-mill floating hazards that cause "unsinkable' ships to founder or, more recently, as enormous breakaway pieces of ice the size of states or small countries.

Goats Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing for Pastures

2 Jul 2008

Rating: 3.33

It just takes a few repeat urinations by goats on the same spot of land to kill most of the vegetation and seriously pollute groundwater.