A Surprisingly Easy Way to Increase Your Odds of Working at What You Love

According to a study reported in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, people who explicitly make resolutions are ten times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.

Swiss residents' arguments for and against a career in medicine

This study aimed to investigate the arguments given by Swiss residents for and against a career in medicine.

Internationally recruited nurses in London: a survey of career paths and plans

The paper reports on a survey of recently arrived international nurses working in London, to assess their demographic profile, motivations, experiences and career plans.

A mid year comparison study of career satisfaction and emotional states between residents and faculty at one academic medical center

Evaluated career satisfaction, emotional states, positive and negative experiences, work hours and sleep among residents and faculty simultaneously in one academic medical center after implementation of the ACGME duty hour requirements.

A comparison of career satisfaction amongst dental healthcare professionals across three health care systems: Comparison of data from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Trinidad & Tobago

This study was to compare the expressed levels of career satisfaction of three groups of comparable dental healthcare professionals, working in Trinidad, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Blockade for Career Advancement in Japanese Organization Abroad: The Case of Malaysian Subsidiaries

This study empirically examines the significance of demographic factors and organizational characteristics in influencing the perceived barriers to career advancement of local managers in Japanese subsidiaries.

Transit Authority On Cell Biology, Proteomics and Career Decisions

The author speaks from own experience in both academia and industry, with the hope of inspiring some people to carefully plan their futures and decide for themselves on which side the grass is greener.

Planting Seeds and Watching Dreams Grow

The Garden is an occasional series featuring the steps fellow readers are taking to lovingly grow their dreams… one day at a time.

How Much Do You Need to Know Before You're an Expert? part2

In the last issue we explored two common obstacles to striking out on your own to start your own business – the Expert Trap and the Expert Myth. In this issue we’re going to expand the definition of expertise.

How Much Do You Need to Know Before You're an Expert?

How much knowledge do you actually need to consider yourself an expert?

Your Five Key Steps For Creating A Great CV

There are so many fads and fashions about writing CVs. So many times you'll read all about what's 'hot'.

Job Layoff Survival Kit!

The bad news of a job lay-off comes along with a rush of desperation. Then there's the feeling of humiliation and anger.

5 Great Places To Find The Perfect Job

The challenge we all face, whether we like it or not, is that we are, unless we are very fortunate financially indeed, going to have to work for our living, some way or another.

Four Simple Steps To Write A Successful Resume

Your resume is your calling card, and it's usually the first impression a potential employer will have of you.

Mid life-crisis: changing careers mid-stream

You’re 40 something. You’re underemployed, or worse unemployed, you’re tired of the daily grind, you’re bored (or frightened) and you’re wondering where your future went.

Moving Up the Ladder: Getting Ahead on the Job

Finding a job is tough. Finding a good job is even tougher.

Cyber-Search: Are On-Line Resources Worth the Time?

On-Line Job Sites: Size Does Matter

How To Get Employers To Create A Job That’s Right For You

You can get offers, even if no job openings are said to exist.

Market Your Assets

In our business as career consultants, it is not at all uncommon to hear a person confess that they really dislike their current job but it is all they have ever done...

How To Find Jobs Which Are Not Advertised

Use "ripple-effect thinking" to pinpoint opportunities