Mouse keratinocyte cultures

Isolation of epidermal keratinocytes from neonatal mice

TCA Precipitation

TCA Precipitiation of proteins

Thawing Cells

Standard protocol for thawing of cells. Make sure it is suitable for your specific cell-type.

PAPS (phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate) preparation

This protocol is used to prepare PAPS, a sulfate donor used in for example assays measuring the activity of sulfotransferases.

Children's surgeon to present results of new anti-rejection protocol at World Transplant Congress

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Surgeon and Researcher Rakesh Sindhi, MD, to discuss new protocol that has shown to improve patient outcomes

Preparing for an influenza pandemic: A triage protocol in the face of limited resources

The recent outbreaks of avian influenza (H5N1) around the world have placed a renewed emphasis on preparing for an influenza pandemic in humans

Ottawa aggressive protocol for acute atrial fibrillation is successful

There is no consensus on Emergency Department management of acute atrial fibrillation (AAF) or atrial flutter (AAFL).

A frenzy of fruit fly methods featured in Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

For the past century, fruit flies—or Drosophila—have provided innumerable insights into the genetics and biology of development, learning and memory, behavior, vision, and other processes.

Isolation of murine splenocytes

In order to study spleen cells (e.g. lymphocytes, granulocytes, other immune cells), it helps to make single-cell suspensions so that the cells can be manipulated ex vivo easily.

Intracellular cytokine staining for flow cytometry (mouse)

Staining for intracellular cytokines, followed by flow cytometry analysis, can provide single-cell information about a cell population that one cannot obtain from surface staining or ELISA

Rice Researchers Develop First Fully Automatic Method To Track 3-D Movement Of Cancer Cells

Cancer researchers know the disease spreads from organ to organ in a non random pattern

Toward Pinpointing The Location Of Bacterial Infections

In an advance in the emerging field of bacterial imaging, scientists are reporting development of a method for identifying specific sites of localized bacterial infections in living animals.

Adenine 'Tails' Make Tailored Anchors For DNA

Researchers have demonstrated a deceptively simple technique for chemically bonding single strands of DNA to gold.

New Blood Test Could Detect Lung Cancer In Its Earliest Stages

Lung cancer is often deadly by the time doctors have detected it, but scientists at Duke University Medical Center are developing a non-invasive test that could detect lung cancer in its earliest stages, while it is still treatable.

Scientists Make First Step Towards 'Holy Grail' Of Crystallography

Scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Surrey have developed a new technique for crystallising proteins, a discovery which could help speed up the development of new medicines and treatments.

Optical Bioimaging: From Living Tissue to a Single Molecule: Single-Molecule Visualization of Cell Signaling Processes of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor

Single-molecule analysis has proven to be a powerful technology to analyze intracellular protein systems

Importance of quantifying insulin secretion in relation to insulin sensitivity to accurately assess beta cell function in clinical studies

Insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion are mutually related such that insulin resistance is compensated by increased insulin secretion.

Mass Spectrometry as a Diagnostic and a Cancer Biomarker Discovery Tool

In this review, the author concentrated more on questions that cast doubt on the results reported and propose experiments to investigate these questions in detail, before the technique is used at the clinic.

Imaging of chlorophyll a fluorescence: theoretical and practical aspects of an emerging technique for the monitoring of photosynthetic performance

This paper discusses some of the theoretical and practical issues associated with the imaging of Chl a fluorescence and with Chl a fluorometry in general.

Metabolic Mapping of Proteinase Activity with Emphasis on In Situ Zymography of Gelatinases : Review and Protocols

In situ zymography provides data that extend our understanding of the role of specific proteinases in various physiological and pathological conditions.