Scientists Confirm Evolutionary Exception: Researchers Provide Strong Evidence That An Ancient Microbe Thrives And Evolves Without Sex

Biologists have confirmed that a group of microscopic animals has evolved for tens of millions of years without sexual reproduction implying a radical exception to the biological rule that abandonment of sexual reproduction is an evolutionary dead end.

Sex: Why bother? Evolutionary mysteries probed at UH

What advantage did sex offer when it first appeared and why does sex persist in modern organisms, stopping them from becoming asexual again...

Researchers Find New Form Of Hormone That Helps Songbirds Reproduce

A third form of a key reproduction hormone could be a link between song and enhanced procreation in songbirds...

Lack Of Sex Could Be A Signpost To Extinction, Claim Researchers

Researchers from Imperial College London believe that when species become asexual they could be on their way to extinction.

Component in soy products causes reproductive problems in laboratory mice

Genistein, a major component of soy, was found to disrupt the development of the ovaries in newborn female mice that were given the product, according to a study.

Hormonal Male Contraception Reversible After Few Months For All Men

With hormonal male contraception likely to be available in the near future, results in a study highlight how such contraception is reversible within a few months.

Thermal imaging shatters arousal gender gap myth

A new study that used thermal imaging technology for the first time ever to measure sexual arousal rates has turned the conventional wisdom that women become aroused more slowly than men on its head.

Unique Genetic Profile Helps Over-45s Conceive Naturally

Women who have a special genetic profile can conceive spontaneously after the age of 45 years, scientist says...

Household Items May Pose Danger During Pregnancy

What do popcorn bags, frying pans and mattresses have in common?
Chemicals contained in these and other common household items may affect maternal thyroid function and may lead to impaired fetal brain development

High Protein Diet May Be Bad For Women Trying To Conceive

A moderately high protein diet could reduce a woman's chances of becoming pregnant as observed in a study conducted on mice.

Slight Increased Risk Of Major Birth Defects Associated With IVF

Babies conceived through in vitro fertilization have a slightly increased risk of major birth defects, such as heart or muscle and skeletal defects, compared to babies conceived naturally, according to a study.

Researchers Urge Caution Over Using Ginseng In Early Pregnancy

Researchers from Hong Kong have warned that women should be cautious about using the herbal remedy ginseng in the early stages of pregnancy.

Secret Sex Life Of Killer Fungus

Scientists have found that Aspergillus fumigatus, a fungus linked to asthma, might have been reproducing sexually.

Pheromones In Male Perspiration Reduce Women's Tension, Alter Hormone Response

Scientists have found that exposure to male perspiration has marked psychological and physiological effects on women...

New Brain Hormone Puts Brakes On Reproduction

Researchers have discovered a new actor in the mammalian reproductive system, a hormone that fills a role long suspected, but until now undetected.

Amoebas Use "Midwives" To Reproduce

Physicists and biologists discovered a third scenario, involving a "midwife" amoeba, in the birth process of amoebas.

New method for predicting risk of emergency caesarean section after a previous caesarean

A paper published in PLoS Medicine provides a novel method for estimating the risk of emergency caesarean section after a previous caesarean section.

When To Reproduce? It's All In The Timing

A marine biologist leads a research team overturns a widely-held principle of reproduction in aquatic organisms.