Persistence and photochemical decay of springtime total ozone anomalies in the Canadian Middle Atmosphere Model

The persistence and decay of springtime total ozone anomalies over the entire extratropics (midlatitudes plus polar regions) is analysed using results from the Canadian Middle Atmosphere Model

On the variability of return periods of European winter precipitation extremes over the last three centuries

The authors investigated the changes of extreme European winter (December-February) precipitation back to 1700 and show for various European regions

Linking glacial and future climates through an ensemble of GCM simulations

In this paper the authors explored the relationships between the modelled climate of the Last Glacial Maximum

High temperature stress and spikelet fertility in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

In future climates, greater heat tolerance at anthesis will be required in rice.

A Comparative Study of Germination Ecology of Four Papaver Taxa

The germination ecology of four Papaver taxa was studied with the aim of describing and comparing their responses to different seasonal temperature regimes.

Intra-annual radial growth and water relations of trees: implications towards a growth mechanism

A concept is discussed which links radial growth over a feedback loop to actual tree water-relations and long-term affected C-storage to microclimate.

Association between climate variability and hospital visits for non-cholera diarrhoea in Bangladesh: effects and vulnerable groups

The effects of rainfall and temperature on the number of non-cholera diarrhoea cases and identified population factors potentially affecting vulnerability to the effect of the climate factors in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Changing Heat-Related Mortality in the United States

Increasing heat and humidity, at least partially related to anthropogenic climate change, suggest that a long-term increase in heat-related mortality could occur.

Coral reef reveals history of fickle weather in the central Pacific

Close examination of coral reef reveals that when the rest of the world was experiencing warm weather, the Pacific was cold.

Health toll of climate change seen as ethical crisis

The public health costs of global climate change are likely to be the greatest in those parts of the world that have contributed least to the problem

Carbon turns over much faster through basal food-chain levels in aquatic than in terrestrial ecosystems

Global temperatures have increased dramatically over the past century, which is causing major impacts on climate patterns, ocean circulation and wildlife preservation.

Climate shifts — probability of randomness

Severe climate changes during the last ice-age could have been caused by random chaotic variations on Earth

Limited climate tracking in European trees despite 10,000 years of postglacial warmth

The relative roles of environment and history as controls of large-scale species distributions is a crucial issue in biogeography and macroecology.

Climate Change: The Rice Genome to the Rescue

New evidence is emerging that climate change could reduce not only the world’s ability to produce food but also international efforts to cut poverty.

A Climate Change Scenario for Carbon Dioxide and Dissolved Organic Carbon Fluxes from a Temperate Forest Soil

The authors assessed the effect of changes in rainfall amount and distribution on CO2 emissions and dissolved organic C (DOC) leaching.

Effects of Seasonal Climatic Conditions on the Diagnosis of Mycobacterium avium Subspecies paratuberculosis in Dairy Cattle

A study found no evidence linking temperature-related seasonality to a reciprocal increase in the risk of fecal culture positivity for MAP.

Markers of Oxidative Status in Plasma and Erythrocytes of Transition Dairy Cows During Hot Season

The study was carried out to assess whether hot seasons affect the oxidative status of transition dairy cows.

Problems in bioclimatology

The author was led to more general questions regarding the effects that environmental forces exert on living things and particularly on man.

Fresh air for air passengers

Air travellers rarely think about the indoor climate in airport terminals, or about the kitchens where their in-flight meals are prepared.

New markers of climate change

A new way to monitor the effects of climate change on rainforests is being investigated at Cambridge University.