A papain-like enzyme at work: Native and acyl–enzyme intermediate structures in phytochelatin synthesis

Phytochelatins (PCs) are known to be the main heavy-metal-detoxifying peptides in the plant kingdom

Disrupting the enzyme complex regulating O-GlcNAcylation blocks signaling and development

Although the knowledge that nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins are modified with N-acetylglucosamine has existed for decades, little has been shown as to its function until recently.

Catalyst mystery unlocked

New model brings USC chemists closer to 'holy grail' of catalyst design

Unlocking the function of enzymes

Fitting a key into a lock may seem like a simple task, but researchers at Texas A&M University are using a method that involves testing thousands of keys to unlock the functions of enzymes

Enzyme discovery sheds light on vitamin D

Surprising findings by Queen's researchers have shed new light on how the "sunshine vitamin" D - increasingly used to treat and prevent cancer and other diseases - is broken down by our bodies.

Discovery of new protein could provide new understanding of male fertility

Scientists have discovered a new enzyme involved in the degradation of proteins inside cells, a process that helps eliminate or recycle proteins that are no longer needed.

Gene-regulating enzyme is also a target for anti-depressive drugs

Anti-cancer possibilities seen for certain monoamine oxidase inhibitors

The secret behind silkworm's hardy stomachs

Silkworms contain a special digestive enzyme that is not affected by mulberry's toxic chemicals.

Enzyme promotes fat formation

The enzyme TPPII may contribute to obesity by stimulating the formation of fat cells

Chemical accuracy in QM/MM calculations on enzyme-catalysed reactions

Combined quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) modelling has the potential to answer fundamental questions about enzyme mechanisms and catalysis.

Thiamine diphosphate adenylyl transferase from E. coli: functional characterization of the enzyme synthesizing adenosine thiamine triphosphate

This is the first demonstration of an enzyme activity transferring a nucleotidyl group on thiamine diphosphate to produce AThTP.

Pick your COX partners

COX enzymes work together in ways that suggest new biological roles, drug targets

Scientists Discover First Bacterial Enzyme That Activates Blood-Clotting -- Links Gum Health And Heart Disease In Humans

Scientists at the University of Georgia have discovered that an enzyme in a common bacterium is capable of activating blood-clotting in the human body.

Max-Planck Researchers Unravel The Structure Of The Methane Forming Enzyme

Max-Planck researchers unravel the structure of the methane forming enzyme

Increased Amount Of Enzyme In Brain May Be Marker Of Alzheimer's Disease

An enzyme present in extremely low quantities in normal brains has been found to be greatly increased in the brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Obscure Enzyme May Play Major Role In Heart Disease

A little-known enzyme may play a significant role in preventing heart attack.

Naturally Produced Enzyme May Be Useful In Inflammatory Arthritis

Researchers have discovered a potential method to help treat inflammatory forms of arthritis by using an enzyme naturally produced by the human body.

Constructing "Designer" Plant Enzymes

Their results represent a step toward the production of novel plant fatty acids by genetic manipulations.

Enzymology of Methylation of Tea Catechins and Inhibition of Catechol-O-methyltransferase by ()-Epigallocatechin Gallate

In this study, we characterized the enzymology of cytosolic catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT)-catalyzed methylation of EGCG and EGC in humans, mice, and rats.

Automated Definition of the Enzymology of Drug Oxidation by the Major Human Drug Metabolizing Cytochrome P450s

A fully automated assay to determine the enzymology of drug oxidation by the major human hepatic cytochrome P450s