Enzymology (39)

Determination of the substrate-docking site of protein tyrosine kinase C-terminal Src kinase

In this study, the authors determined a substrate-docking site on Csk that is critical for its ability to bind to, phosphorylate, and regulate SFKs but is not important for the general kinase activity.

Sugar recognition by human galactokinase

Since only studies on human enzyme are likely to be of value in the design of therapeutically useful inhibitors for galactosemia, this study was carried out using recombinant human galactokinase...

Cholesterol-regulating Protein Maintains Fat-storage, Fat-burning Balance

News: A protein that regulates cholesterol levels in the body also is responsible for maintaining a healthy balance between fat storage and fat burning, according to a UT Southwestern Medical Center study that may lead to new drug targets in the fight aga

'Bad' enzymes may wear white hats after stroke

News: Enzymes that can harm the brain immediately after a stroke may actually be beneficial days later, according to new research. Insights from the study could change the way stroke is treated...

Inhibition Of Iron-metabolizing Enzyme Reduces Tumor Growth

News: An inhibition of heme oxygenase-1, an enzyme involved in iron metabolism, reduced Kaposi sarcoma tumor growth. This discovery could result in the production of new drugs to treat this and other viral cancers.

UT Southwestern team isolates key protein in transforming excess glucose into fat

News: A biochemistry team has identified a glucose-sensitive protein that translates excessively high-carbohydrate intake into body fat, especially when combined with a sedentary lifestyle.

Folate and DNA methylation during in utero development and aging

This article describes the relationship between folic acid and DNA methylation, and the association between DNA methylation during in utero development and aging.

Researchers reveal basis for debilitating hereditary disease

A research team led by scientists at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston has determined the structure of an enzyme that when defective causes an inherited disease that afflicts sufferers with severe abdominal pain, psychiatric symptoms, skin

New discovery blurs distinction between human cells and those of bacteria

Cells of prokaryotes have been viewed as very primitive yet UCLA biochemists found the first structural details of mysterious objects called microcompartments to be present in a variety of bacteria. Their findings blur the distinction between eukaryotic c

Study reveals biochemical signature of cocaine craving in humans

Using sophisticated brain-imaging techniques at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, scientists from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Brookhaven Lab, and the University of Pennsylvania have uncovered the brain chemis

New clues to biochemistry of anti-aging

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have found that sirtuins, a family of enzymes linked to a longer life span and healthier aging in humans, may orchestrate the activity of other enzymes involved in metabolic processes in the body.