New Clue Why MS Affects African Americans Differently Than Caucasians

Differences in immune systems have been found in African Americans with multiple sclerosis (MS) compared to Caucasians, possibly offering a clue why African Americans experience more disability with MS than Caucasians

Understanding Hypertension In African Americans Proves Elusive

Exercise cannot reduce a sodium-retaining hormone in African Americans which is known to potentially cause hypertension

System That Regulates Blood Pressure Is Amiss In Some Healthy, Young African-Americans

When stress increases blood pressure, a natural mechanism designed to bring it down by excreting more salt in the urine doesn't work well in about one-third of healthy, African-American adolescents

Hormone Linked To High Blood Pressure And Blood Vessel Disease In African-Americans

Researchers have linked higher levels of the hormone aldosterone to high blood pressure and blood vessel disease in African Americans.

Is It Really Only Our Kidneys That Control Blood Pressure?

The problem of high blood pressure has reached pandemic proportions, causing premature death through heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease in a third of the UK population.

Oscar Pistorius: Amputee Sprinter Runs Differently

A team of experts in biomechanics and physiology that conducted experiments on Oscar Pistorius, the South African bilateral amputee track athlete, have just published their findings

Saliva proteins change as women age

In a step toward using human saliva to tell whether those stiff joints, memory lapses, and other telltale signs of aging are normal or red flags for disease, scientists are describing how the protein content of women’s saliva change with advancing age.

Genetically Modified vs. Natural Human

For the past 80 or so years, patients who have been suffering from all forms of Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 or 2 have been able to treat their Diabetes with the use of insulin injections and supplementation.

COPD-Related Problems Hard to Swallow

Patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exhibit a disordered breathing-swallowing pattern that may account for their higher risk of aspiration pneumonia

An introduction to Homeostasis

Homeostasis is defined as “the condition of equilibrium (balance) in the bodies internal environment due to the consistent interaction of the body’s main regulatory processes” ...

Regulation of the Bone Healing Process by Hormones

The skeleton has several important functions, such as structural functions that provide mobility, support, and protection for the body.

Induction of insulin secretion in engineered liver cells by nitric oxide

Liver cells can be engineered to produce insulin and insulin secretion can be induced by treatment with L-arginine via the production of nitric oxide.

Control of human trophoblast function

The mechanisms which regulate trophoblast differentiation, proliferation, migration and invasiveness, and the alterations in these mechanisms which lead to pathological conditions

Giving In To The Urge To Scratch: Researchers Find Not All Itches Created Equal

Different parts of brain activated by pollen and dust vs. histamine

New research identifies why men and women may differ in food choices

The physiological response of the vagus nerve can dictate taste and digestive reactions to food. A study suggests that gender is a major factor in how the nerve functions.

Can exercise before diving prevent decompression sickness?

Nowadays, scuba diving involves millions of people worldwide. Decompression sickness following diving is initiated by the formation of gas bubbles in tissue and blood.

Deciphering the limits to human maximal exercise performance

It has remained unknown during centuries what is the main factor limiting maximal exercise capacity in humans.

Can't serve an ace? Could be muscle fatigue

Fatigue could reduce skills and cause injuries and muscle weakness during sport because the brain does not consider the extra effort required for movement, Monash University researchers have found.

Transcytosis: Crossing Cellular Barriers

In this review, the authors summarize knowledge of the different cell types using transcytosis in vivo, the variety of cargo moved, and the diverse pathways for delivering that cargo.

Regulation of Wound Healing by Growth Factors and Cytokines

Cutaneous wound healing is a complex process involving blood clotting, inflammation, new tissue formation, and finally tissue remodeling.