New Insights Into the Physiology of Cockroaches

A study by scientists from the University of Valencia sheds new light on how the cockroach organism works.

Xenobiotic Metabolism In Animals

A compound foreign to a given organism is known as xenobiotic, e.g. Medicinal drugs, agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals and environmental contaminants.

cAMP potentiates InsP3-induced Ca2+ release from the endoplasmic reticulum in blowfly salivary glands

Serotonin induces fluid secretion from Calliphora salivary glands by the parallel activation of the InsP3/Ca2+ and cAMP signaling pathways.

Bridging the phenotypic gap: Real-time assessment of mitochondrial function and metabolism of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

The ATP levels of an organism are an important physiological parameter that is affected by genetic make up, ageing, stress and disease.

Male silver eels mature by swimming

If European silver eels are prevented from reproductive migration, they remain in a prepubertal stage by dopaminergic inhibition of pituitary activity.

Death by garbage

New studies have provided evidence for a theory that garbage is a key cause of aging and death.

Lab experiments “terrifying” for animals

The most harmless-seeming lab experiments spark panic in the creatures going through them

Bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity of the Baccharis trimera (Less.) D.C. - Compositae decocto, as disinfectant or antisseptic.

The decocto of Baccharis trimera (Less.) D.C., Compositae, ("carqueja") was submitted to international standard tests to verify its in vitro antimicrobian activity. (Abstract)

Blood profile of intact and castrated female rats with experimentally induced hyperthyroidism

The changes of red and white blood cells counts in intact and castrated rats with hyperthyroidism were analysed. (Abstract only)

Incidence of two cases of polyuria-polydipsia in confined horses

The clinical and laboratory results associated to the 24-hour water deprivation test indicated a diagnosis of psychogenic polydipsia.

Uptake rates of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water by Eichhornia crassipes and Salvinia auriculata

The main goal of this research was to survey information about the physiology of Eichhornia crassipes and Salvinia auriculata and their capacity to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from the environment

Discontinuous gas exchange in a tracheate arthropod, the pseudoscorpion Garypus californicus: Occurrence, characteristics and temperature dependence

The discontinuous gas exchange cycle of the pseudoscorpion Garypus californicus, mean mass 5.9 mg, is rudimentary and is characterized by bursts of CO2

Ultrastructural Study of Spermatogenesis in Eisenia foetida (Annelida, Oligochaeta)

Spermatogenesis and the spermatozoon ultrastructure follow a common pattern in terrestrial oligochaetes.

Reference values and physiological characterization of a specific isolated pig kidney perfusion model

In the present study functional values for isolated kidneys with different perfusion settings were determined to assess organ perfusion quality.

Intracellularly Labeled Fusiform Cells in Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus of the Gerbil. I. Physiological Response Properties

This report describes a study in which intracellular recording and labeling techniques were used to investigate the response properties of fusiform cells in barbiturate-anesthetized Mongolian gerbils.

Determination of the motor nerve conduction velocity of the radial and ulnar nerves in clinically normal dogs

Abstract : The radial and ulnar nerves were examined electrophysiologically in 30 normal mongrel dogs, 11 males and 19 females, aged between two and six years.

Sevoflurane cardiocirculatory study in dogs with different oxygen and nitrous oxide concentrations

Abstract : Thirty healthy mongrel dogs, premedicated with levomepromazine (0.5mg/kg) and induced with tiopental sodium were anesthetized for 60 minutes

Polimorphism analisys of somatotropin gene on Nelore cows and effect on weaning weight of the calf

Abstract : Data from a Nelore herd were used after adjustment of the weaning weight for 205 days of age, sex, age of dam, sire and weaning month and resulted into two groups of cows

Mesenteric myxosarcoma in a dog

Abstract : Myxosarcoma is an unusual neoplasm in the dog, most seen in the skin, and seldom in the heart and in the liver.

Polimorphism analysis of k -casein gene on Nelore females and effect on weaning weight of the calves

Abstract : Data from a Nelore herd were used after adjustment of the weaning weight for 205 days of age, sex, age of dam, sire and month of weaning resulting two groups of cows that differed in weaning weight of their calves