Rose breeding blooms from backyard to genetics lab

The backyard garden of a mathematician has rejuvenated Texas rose research in a way that could lead to improvements not only for the flowering bush but for some berry crops.

Reducing the risk of frost damage to short-season crops

Scientists are working to understand what controls flowering time and maturity in soybean production

Potted plants aren't the answer to sick building syndrome

IF YOU want to improve the quality of the air in your home or office, forget about buying a few indoor plants.

Seed dormancy may hold the key to fighting weeds

Researchers are studying rice genes as a model to understand germination

Galaxy gardening more than hobby for future moon, Mars residents

Long periods of total darkness and poor soil needn't stop an avid gardener – at least not one who's willing to go out of this world to grow plants.

Testing Restaurant Compost For Greenhouses

The resulting compost could boost community greenhouse-gardens.

High-tech analysis of vineyard soil

In a special Soil Measurement & Methods section of Vadose Zone Journal, scientists review the state-of-the-art tools for measuring water content in soil

Using frequency waves to measure moisture in soil

New findings improve the way we take and analyze field measurements

Global garden grows greener

A NASA-Department of Energy jointly funded study concludes the Earth has been greening over the past 20 years

K-State professor to discuss feeding the world's population without poison

Feeding the world can be a constant battle between opposing forces.

Finding The Garden Of Youth: New Study Shows Spinach, Strawberries Protect Against Age-Related Brain Decline

Fruits and veggies are known to protect against cancer and heart disease.

Plant a garden to grow your kids' desire for vegetables and fruit, new SLU study suggests

Research finds children eat more produce if it's homegrown

Could rice be the source for a natural herbicide?

Scientists are examining which genetic characteristics of rice best control the growth of a common weed.

The holy grail of horticultural accomplishment: grass that never grows but is always green

News: The signaling pathway for a key class of steroid hormones that regulates growth and development in plants was recently described. This could be used to manipulate the stature of plants, and to control plant size. Applications vary from making dwarf

Using sewage sludge as fertilizer

Using organic waste presents a win-win situation for municipalities, agriculture

Study suggests nutrient decline in garden crops over past 50 years

A recent study of 43 garden crops suggests that their nutrient value has declined in recent decades while farmers have been planting crops designed to improve other traits.

Why are there so many weeds in your garden this year?

Some years, no matter how diligently you pull, your backyard garden is always covered with weeds.

Nitrogen may increase Bt levels in corn

Scientists study the affects of nitrogen fertilizer applied to corn hybrids

Should Roundup Ready soybeans be managed differently than conventional soybeans?

Research in Agronomy Journal suggests producers reduce seeding rates when planting Roundup Ready varieties

Gardens have the potential to improve health, research shows

Adding greenery in the form of a garden to the often sterile, cold environment of hospitals and other healthcare facilities can reduce stress in patients, visitors and staff and even lessen a patient's pain in some instances