Rules for submitting a site to Biology-Online

Thank you for taking the time to suggest a website for the Biology Online directory. Over time, it is hoped that there will be enough resources submitted to cover the wide range of biological sciences (and beyond) that are available on the World Wide Web today.

1. We will not accept slow and poor quality sites as well as any spam to our directory.
2. You site must be relevant to the selected category and offer real value to our users.
3. Webmasters it would be greatly appreciated if you could place a reciprocal link back to us.

Site Titles:
1. Please provide the official name of the site as a title.
2. Have the first letter of each word capitalized.
3. Do not include unnecessary symbols and/or letters and promotional language as part of the title.
4. Do not end it with exclamation mark.

Site Descriptions:
1. Please write informative, concise and objective descriptions, telling end-users what they will find when they visit the website.
2. Please don't use words like "best", "most" or "greatest" etc.
3. Try to keep the description short, two paragraphs at most.
4. Don't just list keywords, we will not accept that.

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