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1. An act of the legislature of a [[state]] or country, declaring, commanding, or prohibiting something; a [[positive]] [[law]]; the written will of the legislature expressed with all the requisite [[forms]] of [[legislation]]; used in [[distinction]] fraom common law. See Common law, under Common.
Statute is commonly applied to the [[acts]] of a legislative [[body]] consisting of [[representatives]]. In [[monarchies]], legislature [[laws]] of the [[sovereign]] are called [[edicts]], [[decrees]], [[ordinances]], [[rescripts]], etc. In [[works]] on [[international]] law and in the [[roman]] law, the [[term]] is used as embracing all laws imposed by competent authority. Statutes in this [[sense]] are [[divided]] into statutes [[real]], statutes personal, and statutes [[mixed]]; statutes real applying to [[immovables]]; statutes personal to [[movables]]; and statutes mixed to both [[classes]] of [[property]].
2. An act of a corporation or of its [[founder]], intended as a [[permanent]] [[rule]] or [[law]]; as, the statutes of a [[university]].
3. An assemblage of [[farming]] servants ([[held]] [[possibly]] by statute) for the purpose of being hired; called also statute [[fair]]. [[Cf]]. 3d Mop. Statute [[book]], a [[record]] of [[laws]] or legislative [[acts]]. Statute [[cap]], a kind of woolen cap; so called because enjoined to be worn by a statute, dated in 1571, in behalf of the [[trade]] of cappers. Statute fair. See Statute, 3, above. Statute labour, a [[definite]] amount of labour required for the public [[service]] in making [[roads]], [[bridges]], etc, as in certain [[english]] [[colonies]]. Statute merchant, a statute assigned a certain [[time]], after which [[rights]] can
not be enforced by [[action]]. Statute [[staple]], a [[bond]] of record acknowledged before the mayor of the staple, by [[virtue]] of which the creditor may, on nonpayment, forthwith have execution against the [[body]], [[lands]], and [[goods]] of the debtor, as in the statute merchant. It is now disused.
Synonym: act, [[regulation]], [[edict]], [[decree]]. See [[law]].
Origin: F. Statut, LL. Statutum, from L. Statutus, p.p. Of statuere to set, station, ordain, fr. Status position, station, fr. Stare, statum, to stand. See Stand, and cf. Constitute, Destitute.

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