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(general) Of or pertaining to an arrow or arrow-like appendage; resembling an arrow or arrowhead.
(1) Of or relating to the [[vertical]] or [[sagittal plane]], a [[plane]] traversing the direction from top to bottom, resulting in the formation of left and right portions.
(2) Of or pertaining to the suture between the [[parietal bone]]s of the [[skull cap]].
(3) Of or pertaining to a venous canal within the [[skull]], [[parallel]] to the [[suture]].
''Word origin:'' from the Latin word ''sagitta'', meaning arrow.
''Related forms:'' sagittally (''adverb'').
<br>''Related terms:'' [[sagittal plane]], [[sagittal section]], [[sagittal groove]], [[sagittal sutures]], [[sagittal axis]], [[parasagittal]].
Synonym: [[rabdoidal]].
<br>''Compare:'' [[transverse]], [[coronal]].

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