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A taxonomic phylum comprised of brown algae
In the old scheme of classification, i.e. the five kingdom scheme, [[Protista]] is a kingdom comprised of animal-like ([[protozoa]]), plant-like ([[algae]]), and fungus-like (slime molds and water molds) organisms. Accordingly, Protista is divided into several phyla. The plant-like or algal species are further divided into the following phyla: [[Euglenophyta]], [[Chrysophyta]] ([[diatoms]]), [[Pyrrophyta]] ([[dinoflagellates]]), [[Chlorophyta]] ([[green algae]]), [[Phaeophyta]] ([[brown algae]]), and [[Rhodophyta]] ([[red algae]]).<sup>1</sup> Recent studies and findings,  though, would lead to changes in the taxonomic positions and to newer systems of classification.<sup>2</sup>  Neverttheless, Phaeophyta is a clade comprised of organisms commonly referred to as brown algae. Their characteristic greenish-brown color is attributed to the presence of the [[pigment]]s, mainly [[fucoxanthin]] and chlorophyll a and c2.
Examples of such organisms are [[kelp]]s, wracks, and certain brown [[seaweed]]s. These organisms are important as [[food]] and as [[habitat]] for many aquatic animals. Some of them, such as ''Fucus'' species, are used in soap and glass making. They are also used as fertilizers to crops.
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