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noun, plural: omosterna

The median elements of sternum extending forward from between the clavicle in many mammals and is usually tilted with bony cartilage.


In many amphibians it is a median bony part of the sternum that extends forward from theventral ends of theprecoracoid and the anterior end of episternum.

In mammals, it is an interarticular cartilage betweensternum and each clavicle.

Inbatrachians, it is a median ossification developed in union with coracoscapular cartilages that supposed to signify the interclavicles of some other animals.

There are injuries that affect omosternum like the collarbone trauma which may occur at birth or due to fall or accident and the pain can be battled by fixing the bone correctly associated with signs and symptoms like crunching sounds, tenderness, swelling and short of breath.



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