Law of biogenesis

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The law which states, life arises only from existing life. Formulated after many years of extensive observation and experimentation. An early proponent of the law was Dr. Louis Pasteur, who's experiments helped to overcome the once popular belief in spontaneous generation of life. The belief that life could spontaneously arise from non-life continued to by held by some including Huxley ('Darwin's Bulldog') who proposed a counter theory of abiogenesis. However, the law of biogenesis is now well established and abiogenesis has no scientific validity. The medical profession and food industry depend on the law of biogenesis for hygiene, sterilisation and food preservation.

recapitulation theory

The theory formulated by E.H. Haeckel that individuals in their embryonic development pass through stages similar in general structural plan to the stages their species passed through in its evolution; more technically phrased, the theory that ontogeny is an abbreviated recapitulation of phylogeny. Haeckel was expelled from his position after it was discovered that he had faked evidence in support of embryonic recapitulation.

Synonym: biogenetic law, haeckels law, law of recapitulation.