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(''noun'') Plural form of [[integrin]].
[[superfamily]] of [[cell]] [[surface]] [[proteins]] that are [[involved]] in [[binding]] to [[extracellular matrix]] [[components]] in some [[cases]]. most are heterodimeric with a _ [[subunit]] of 95 [[kd]] that is conserved through the [[superfamily]] and a more [[variable]] _ [[subunit]] of 150-170 [[kd]]. The first examples described were [[fibronectin]] and [[vitronectin]] [[receptors]] of [[fibroblasts]], which [[bind]] to an RGD ([[arg]] [[gly]] Asp) [[sequence]] in the [[ligand]] [[protein]], though the context of the RGD seems important and there is also a [[divalent]] [[cation]] [[dependence]]. Subsequently the [[platelet]] IIb/IIIa [[surface]] [[glycoprotein]] ([[fibronectin]] and [[fibrinogen]] receptor) and the [[lfa]] 1 [[class]] of [[leucocyte]] [[surface]] [[protein]] were recognised as [[integrins]], together with the VLA [[surface]] [[protein]]. The [[requirement]] for the RGD [[sequence]] in the [[ligand]] [[does]] not seem to be [[invariable]].
See '''[[integrin]]''' for definition and additional information.

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(noun) Plural form of integrin.

See integrin for definition and additional information.