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''noun, plural: green algae''
Any of the photosynthetic algae that includes the [[chlorophyte]]s and the [[charophyte]]s, which are characterized by containing the [[pigment]]s [[chlorophyll]] a and chlorophyll b and storing food as [[starch]] within [[plastid]]s
[[Algae]] are [[aquatic]], photosynthetic, eukaryotic [[organism]]s ranging from [[unicellular]] to [[multicellular]] forms, and generally possess [[chlorophyll]] but lack true roots, stems and leaves characteristic of terrestrial plants. Green algae are a group of algae characterized by their greenish color as opposed to other groups of algae such as red algae ([[Rhodophyta]]), brown algae ([[Phaeophyta]]), golden algae ([[Chrysophyta]]), yellow-green algae ([[Xanthophyta]]), blue-green algae ([[Cyanophyta]]), [[diatom]]s, [[dinoflagellate]]s, ''etc''. The greenish color and photosynthetic capability of the green algae are associated with the presence of chlorophylls a and b in their plastids. These pigments are in the same proportions the same way as those in higher plants.  Other pigments are also present, though, such as beta carotene and xanthophylls.
Green algae have many forms: unicellular, multicellular, or colonial. Unicellular green algae are solitary, single-celled photosynthetic organisms (e.g. ''Micrasterias'' sp.). Multicellular forms are those that appear filamentous or forming leaf-like thalluses (''Ulva'' sp.). Some of them form colonies, such as ''Volvox'' species.
Green algae include the [[charophyte]]s and the [[chlorophyte]]s. The charophytes are green algae mainly found in freshwater whereas the chlorophytes are those found mostly in marine water. There are also green algae that live on [[terrestrial]] [[habitat]]s (e.g. soil, rocks, and trees). Certain green algal species have been found to form symbiosis. For instance, ''Chlorella'' species form [[symbiosis]] with ''Hydra'' species.
Green algae may reproduce asexually or sexually. [[Asexual reproduction]] is done by means of [[spore]]s. [[Sexual reproduction]] involves the exchange of [[nuclei]] via conjugation tubes.
''Also called:''
* chlorophyte
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* [[Chlorophyta]]
* [[algae]]

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