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1. The Male of the Duck Kind.

2. [Cf. Dragon Fly, Under Dragon] The Drake Fly. The Drake will Mount Steeple Height Into the Air. (Walton) Drake Fly, A Kind of Fly, sometimes used In Angling. The dark Drake Fly, Good In August. (Walton)

Origin: Akin To LG. Drake, OHG. Antrache, anetrecho, G. Enterich, Icel. Andriki, Dan. Andrik, OSw. Andrak, andrage, masc, and Fr. As. Ened, fem, duck; Akin To D. Eend, G. Ente, Icel. Ond, Dan. And, Sw. And, Lith. Antis, L. Anas, Gr. (for), and perh. Skr. Ati A Water Fowl. In English the First Part of the Word was Lost. The Ending is Akin To E. Rich. Cf. Gulaund.