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(Science: pathology) this is a [[condition]] where there [[inflammation]] of the [[intervertebral disk]] [[space]] due to [[infection]] with [[viruses]] or the [[bacteria]] [[staphylococcus]]. [[Diskitis]] is usually seen in children under the [[age]] of 10. The [[thoracic]] and [[lumbar]] [[spine]] are the most commonly [[affected]].
[[symptoms]] include [[spine]] [[pain]] (back [[pain]]), [[fever]], stiffness and in some [[cases]], [[abdominal pain]]. Children tend to walked hunched over due to the [[pain]]. Some younger children may refuse to sit up or [[walk]]. [[Evaluation]] include [[history]] and [[physical examination]]. [[X-rays]] of the [[spine]] may show a narrowed [[disk space]]. [[Mri]] of the [[spine]] can show [[disk]] [[swelling]]. Other [[blood]] [[tests]] include a [[esr]] (elevated) and CBC (elevated [[white blood cell]] count). a [[bone scan]] may also show increased [[uptake]] in the [[spine]] indicating [[inflammation]].
[[treatment]] includes [[analgesics]] and [[antibiotics]] that are [[active]] against [[staphylococcus]] [[bacteria]]. [[Recovery]] is generally uncomplicated.

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