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Origin: a corruption of barse.

(Science: zoology)

1. An edible, spiny-finned fish, especially. Of the genera Roccus, Labrax, and related genera. There are many species.

The common European bass is Labrax lupus. American species are: the striped bass (Roccus lineatus); white or silver bass of the lakes. (R. Chrysops); brass or yellow bass (R. Interruptus).

2. The two American fresh water species of black bass (genus Micropterus). See black bass.

3. Species of Serranus, the sea bass and rock bass. See sea bass.

4. The southern, red, or channel bass (Sciaena ocellata). See redfish.

The name is also applied to many other fishes. See Calico bass, under Calico.

1. (Science: botany) The linden or lime tree, sometimes wrongly called whitewood; also, its bark, which is used for making mats. See bast.

2. A hassock or thick mat.

Origin: a corruption of bast.