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1. Not long born; still in the first part of life; not yet arrived at adolescence, maturity, or age; not old; juvenile; said of animals; as, a young child; a young man; a young fawn. For he so young and tender was of age. (Chaucer) 'Whom the gods love, die young, has been too long carelessly said; . . . Whom the gods love, live young forever. (Mrs. H. H. Jackson)

2. Being in the first part, pr period, of growth; as, a young plant; a young tree. While the fears of the people were young. (De Foe)

3. Having little experience; inexperienced; unpracticed; ignorant; weak. Come, come, elder brother, you are too young in this. (Shak)

Origin: OE. Yung, yong, yong, yung, AS. Geong; akin to OFries. Iung, iong, D. Joing, OS, OHG, & G. Jung, Icel. Ungr, Sw. & Dan. Ung, Goth. Juggs, Lith. Jaunas, Russ. Iunuii, L. Juvencus, juvenis, Skr. Juvaca, juvan. Cf. Junior, Juniper, Juvenile, Younker, Youth.