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1. To contend, by grappling with, and striving to trip or throw down, an opponent; as, they wrestled skillfully. To-morrow, sir, I wrestle for my credit, and he that escapes me without some broken limb shall acquit him well. (Shak) Another, by a fall in wrestling, started the end of the clavicle from the sternum. (Wiseman)

2. Hence, to struggle; to strive earnestly; to contend. Come, wrestle with thy affections. (Shak) We wrestle not against flesh and blood. (Eph. Vi. 12) Difficulties with which he had himself wrestled. (M. Arnold)

Origin: OE. Wrestlen, wrastlen, AS. Wrstlian, freq. Of wrstan to wrest; akin to OD. Wrastelen to wrestle. See Wrest.