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(Science: botany) A plant which keeps its leaves green through the winter.

In England, the name wintergreen is applied to the species of Pyrola which in America are called english wintergreen, and shin leaf (see Shin leaf, under Shin) In America, the name wintergreen is given to gaultheria procumbens, a low evergreen aromatic plant with oval leaves clustered at the top of a short stem, and bearing small white flowers followed by red berries; called also checkerberry, and sometimes, though improperly, partridge berry. Chickweed wintergreen, a low perennial primulaceous herb (Trientalis Americana); also called star flower. Flowering wintergreen, a low plant (Polygala paucifolia) with leaves somewhat like those of the wintergreen (Gaultheria), and bearing a few showy, rose-purple blossoms. Spotted wintergreen, a low evergreen plant (Chimaphila maculata) with ovate, white-spotted leaves.