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1. To utter a whoop, or loud cry, as eagerness, enthusiasm, or enjoyment; to cry out; to shout; to halloo; to utter a war whoop; to hoot, as an owl. Each whooping with a merry shout. (Wordsworth) When naught was heard but now and then the howl Of some vile cur, or whooping of the owl. (W. Browne)

2. To cough or breathe with a sonorous inspiration, as in whooping cough.

Origin: OE. Houpen. See Hoop.

1. A shout of pursuit or of war; a very of eagerness, enthusiasm, enjoyment, vengeance, terror, or the like; an halloo; a hoot, or cry, as of an owl. A fox, crossing the road, drew off a considerable detachment, who clapped spurs to their horses, and pursued him with whoops and halloos. (Addison) The whoop of the crane. (Longfellow)

2. A loud, shrill, prolonged sound or sonorous inspiration, as in whooping cough.

(Science: zoology) The hoopoe.

See: Hoopoe.