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Avicennia marina

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A species of mangroves that normally inhabit on the inland side of coastal marsh which grows as shrub with a knotted array of several branches.


Mangrove, in a broader sense, refers to any tree, shrub, or vegetation that thrives in estuarine or saline habitat. In stricter sense though it pertains to the plant species of the genus Rhizophora, such as R. mangle and R. mucronata. A mangrove may also pertain to the habitat where these plants thrive. Avicennia marina is one of the plant species considered as part of the mangrove. It is commonly referred to as the grey or white mangrove.

Avicennia marina flower assort from white to gold yellow color that occurs in cluster of five wherein the fruit have large cotyledons surrounds the new seedling that eventually germinate on the tree as a falling seedling. The leaves of this species are thick with a dazzling glossy green on the upper side and shiny white with hair on the lower side in which salt excreted through the leaves, thus can tolerate high level of salinity. The typical height of these species ranges from 2m-5m tall.

Avicennia marina is commercially used as fodder, fuelwood, construction materials and as medicine. It is functional in soothing banks of estuaries in salty water for it contains tannin in the bark wherein it is used for preparation of brown dye. Like many mangroves it is termites free thereby, the hard yellow brown wood used for making vessels.

Avicennia marina is widely distributed around the world along the south-east Asia, Australia, east coast of Africa, New Zealand and in some region of Arabian Peninsula.

Scientific classification:

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Order: Lamiales
  • Family: Acanthaceae
  • Genus: Avicennia
  • Species: A. marina

Other common name(s):

  • grey mangrove
  • white mangrove

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