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1. Low; base; worthless; mean; despicable. A poor man in vile raiment. (James II. 2) The craft either of fishing, which was Peter's, or of making tents, which was Paul's, were [was] more vile than the science of physic. (Ridley) The inhabitants account gold but as a vile thing. (abp. Abbot)

2. Morally base or impure; depraved by sin; hateful; in the sight of god and men; sinful; wicked; bad. Such vile base practices. Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer thee ? (job xl. 4)

Synonym: See base.

Vilely, Vileness.

Origin: OE. Vil, F. Vil, from L. Vilis cheap, worthless, vile, base.