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Vibrio coralliilyticus

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A gram-negative rod-shaped marine bacterium that is globally distributed involved in multiple coral diseases.


Vibrio coralliilyticus is associated as an etiological agent in tissue lysis of marine corals in which it is temperature dependent pathogen. It is considered as a novel coral-pathogenic species and has been isolated from deceased oyster larvae and bivalve larvae.

Vibrio coralliilyticus mode of infections manifested through host tissue degradation, secretion, transcriptional regulation and antimicrobial resistance concurrent with phenotypic changes and provides evidence that temperature regulates multiple virulence mechanisms.

Vibrio coralliilyticus showed high phenotypic and genotypic similarities among strains and all well known to be pathogenic. Since sea surface temperatures is rising due to climate change as a consequence pathogenic Vibrio species able to infect humans and marine organisms during warmer temperature.

Scientific classification:

 Kingdom: Bacteria
 Phylum: Proteobacteria
 Class: Gammaproteobacteria
 Order: Vibrionales
 Family: Vibrionaceae	
 Genus: Vibrio	
 Species: Vibrio coralliilyticus

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