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(Science: zoology) The turtledove.

Origin: AS. Turtle, L. Turtur; probably of imitative origin. Cf. Turtle the sea tortoise.

1. (Science: zoology) Any one of the numerous species of testudinata, especially a sea turtle, or chelonian.

In the united states the land and fresh water tortoises are also called turtles.

2. The curved plate in which the form is held in a type-revolving cylinder press. Alligator turtle, box turtle, etc. See Alligator, Box, etc. Green turtle, a large, handsome cowrie (Cypraea testudinaria); the turtle-shell; so called because of its fancied resemblance to a tortoise in colour and form.

(Science: botany) Turtle grass, a marine plant (Thalassia testudinum) with grasslike leaves, common about the west Indies. Turtle shell, tortoise shell. See Tortoise.

Origin: Probably the same word as the word preceding, and substituted (probably by sailors) for the Spanish or Portuguese name; cf. Sp. Tortuga tortoise, turtle, Pg. Tartaruga, also F. Tortue, and E. Tortoise.