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1. A mason's tool, used in spreading and dressing mortar, and breaking bricks to shape them.

2. A gardener's tool, somewhat like a scoop, used in taking up plants, stirring the earth, etc.

3. A tool used for smoothing a mold. Trowel bayonet. See spade bayonet, under Spade. Fish trowel. See Fish slice.

Origin: OE. Truel, OF. Truele, F. Truelle, LL. Truella, L. Trulla, dim. Of trua a ladle; probably akin to Gr. A stirrer, ladle, G. Quirl a stirrer, MHG. Twirel, OHG. Dwiril, Icel. Thvara, AS. Thwiril. Cf. Twirl.