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Trefoil factor 1

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A member of trefoil family that is established as a secretory protein expressed in gastrointestinal mucosa.


Trefoil factor 1 is a protein with 40 amino acids domain that contains three conserved disulfides found in a cluster at chromosome 21. It has been significantly studied due to its expression in human tumors.

Trefoil factor 1 is found in normal human urine that inhibits the growth of calcium oxalate crystal in urine and acts as stabilizers of mucous gel overlying the gastrointestinal mucosa that endowed physical blockade against toxic agents as well as the healing capacity of the epithelium. It also reveals an inhibitory force parallel to that of nephrocalcin in which its inhibition dependent to the dosage directed to the C-terminus. Its concentration and relative amounts in urine with idiopathic calcium oxalate kidney stones is drastically less, thus indicated as potent inhibitor with a potential pathophysiological role in nephrolithiasis.

Trefoil factor 1 plays a vital role in the restitution ofintestinal epithelium where it mediates to repair the gastric mucosa and pathogenesis of gastric cancer wherein over-expression of trefoil factor 1 can inhibit proliferation and induce apoptosis of gastric cells.

Gene name: TFF1

Protein name: Trefoil factor 1


Protein pS2


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