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Transcription factor Sp4

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An activator protein that functions in promoter-specific manner through interacting with othertranscription factors which is restricted to certain cell types of thebrain.


Transcription factor Sp4 gene mapped on chromosome 7p15 span at about 7.5kb which contains 7 exons that is abundantly expressed in thebrain yet barely detected on other cell lines. It contains DNA-binding proteins composed of 3zinc fingers near the C terminus which recognizes GC and GT box sequence.

Transcription factor Sp4 deficiency exhibit normal cardiac structure and function but displayed sudden cardiac death and complete penetrance of conduction system defects including impulsive ventricular tachycardia and atrial ventricular block. It also displays a delicate vacuolization of the hippocampus and shortage in sensorimotor and memory thus shows deficits in spatial learning and memory thereby it signify a novel hypoglutamatergic model for psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia.

Transcription factor Sp4 is implicated in the pathophysiology of psychiatric diseases in which study reveals that altered SP4 protein in the cerebellum and prefrontal cortex in bipolar disease supports a possible role in the pathogenesis of the disease wherein stability is regulated bydepolarization that provides pathway through which neuronal activity controls gene expression to normalized SP4 levels that contributes to treatment of bipolar disorder.

Gene name: SP4

Protein name: Transcription factor Sp4



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