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1. A tedious journey.

2. A state in which the soul seems to have passed out of the body into another state of being, or to be rapt into visions; an ecstasy.

3. (Science: neurology) A condition, often simulating death, in which there is a total suspension of the power of voluntary movement, with abolition of all evidences of mental activity and the reduction to a minimum of all the vital functions so that the patient lies still and apparently unconscious of surrounding objects, while the pulsation of the heart and the breathing, although still present, are almost or altogether imperceptible.

He fell down in a trance. (Chaucer)

Origin: F. Transe fright, in OF. Also, trance or swoon, fr. Transir to chill, benumb, to be chilled, to shiver, OF. Also, to die, L. Transire to pass over, go over, pass away, cease; trans across, over _ ire to go; cf. L. Transitus a passing over.