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Thistle tube

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A piece of glassware used inlaboratory that consists of tube withfunnel-like portion at the top and along tube downward to permit insertion to any container.


Thistle tube is normally used toadd liquid to an existing system or apparatus wherein thethistle funnel is utilized to add small volumes of liquids to an accurate point.

This is usually required in experiments regardingsemi-permeable membranes, like osmosis and diffusions wherein it can be illustrated well using this glassware. It is also important in the separation experiment and any chemical applications.

A thistle tube is named after the “thistle plant” wherein the bulb opening at the top is like thehead of the plant and the long tube downward is the plant's stalk.

Industrial chemicals are frequently created using thistle tube like chlorine a chemical used to manufacture chlorides like polyvinyl chloride, in processing of metals usingsulfuric acid for production of detergents and processing of nitrogen-phosphorous that are important agricultural fertilizers. This tube also introduces various chemicals to form liquids andgases for industrial purposes.

In pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories thistle tube is commonly used to mix and dilute chemicals and production of medicines, thus it allows for aconstant andprecise measurement of one substance into another to ensure medicine concentration accurate and safe.

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